We are so very grateful to be in a position to be able to help local rescues help animals in need.

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What Rescues Are Saying

Thank you so very much for your generous grant award! This grant is much needed and much appreciated! You can depend on us to be good stewards of this wonderful grant. Congratulations to you, HPAN, for the good work and good will you have brought to the animal welfare community in our region.” ~  Carmen, GoNorth Transport Collaborative

“Thank you so much for what you do!!! You all are such a blessing, and we couldn’t do this without you.” – Rebecca, Halos Second Chance Animal Rescue

“Omg…Best news! Always grateful for your help!” – Sophie, Young Williams Animal Center

“Holy mannnnnnnnnn!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Tamara, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

“Screaming and waving hands in the air!!!! Omg!!!! That is beyond awesome!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!” – Wendy, East TN Pit Bull Rescue

“I really appreciate all you do for all of the furry babies in our area.” Patricia, Campbell County Animal Center

“Hudson was found as a stray on August 23, 2016. Roane County Animal Shelter contacted us for immediate assistance. It’s been a long road for this sweet soul. The Humane Society of Roane County helped restore him, and now he’s ready for adoption! “ — Humane Society of Roane County

“Don Don thanks you and I thank you for all you are doing for shelter animals! Don Don, from the Jefferson County Humane Society, went to Wisconsin Humane Society on December 14th.”  — GoNorth

“OMG!!! Thank you so much.  This will help us out so much.  This will pay for the materials for the walls, insulation, doors and siding.  I cannot thank you enough for investing in this for the dogs from the Roane County Shelter and others.  We will be able to help so many more dogs with your generosity.” 

“Wow! How exciting!!! We are going to be calling the contractor to see when we can get started!” — East Tennessee Miniature Horse and Donkey Rescue

FFTB-hoarding help-Sammy

“HPAN to the rescue! I am so blessed!”  –Fighting for the Bullies

Roane Co Paws-vetting needs-Luvbug

“I can hardly find the words to express our amazement and heartfelt thanks for a grant that will cover our entire annual insurance premium! I knew of your generous support for many, many individual animals in need, but I never dreamed that a gift of this magnitude was possible.”    

“There has never been a grant-making organization for animal shelters and rescue groups in east Tennessee! HPAN is playing a creative and valuable role in elevating the aspirations of animal welfare organizations. Thank you so much for your ongoing support for the innocents and for the people who are trying to help them.”kitten


“I can hardly believe it!! Insurance is not a bit sexy, but it is a complete showstopper if it is not in place. I really had no idea that HPAN was in a position to make a grant of that magnitude. I submitted the proposal with the hope that some portion of the total would be supported. I am flabbergasted that the entire amount will be covered!!!!” — –GoNorth Collaborative